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Welcome to iMaster Learning Academy. We specialise in Learning and Development. This includes Training; Coaching and Teaching, with over 10 years of experience in Education our aim is to make a positive difference to organisations and individuals that we work with. We work with Businesses and schools and provide an Interactive online learning portal which includes resources and interactive quizzes aswell as consultancy; Training & coaching for business professionals.

The Vision

Long-term goals for the academy include giving back to the wider less fortunate communities, and providing an education fully inclusive in countries including Africa & India. We hope to build a school and provide free education, the journey to get there has already begun in Kenya, and will continue with voluntary work; donations of clothes, books, stationary which will make a huge difference to the future of people in these countries. If anyone would like to contribute, please get in touch.

“Confidence has grown so much, and… the mind-set from my son is ‘I can do this’ rather than ‘I can’t’. This has been amazing to watch.”

Dean Ambros

“Approachable and friendly tutor understanding of students needs and how best to support them”

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Susan Moore

“Professional communication and excellent interactive training sessions”

Emily Wright

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